Wednesday, December 7, 2011

ED and Your Diet: Eat Your Vegetables

Boston Medical Group is dedicated, completely and totally, to diagnosing and treating erectile dysfunction in adult males. Toward that end, of course, that means they are the recognized authorities in this area.

BMG understands that, whether one knows it or not, there are medical conditions in people that can bring on ED, and that there can be a very real connection between one's diet and the onset of some of these conditions.

So there are certain foods that can be suggested as part of a healthy diet. Here are a few of them:

Mixed Vegetables - Speaking in layman's terms, the more colorful the better. There are a lot of phytochemicals in mixed vegetables, which are great for the cells in general.

Eggs - You will do a trade-off here, because it is important to eat the whole egg in order to get the most out of its content of lutein, protein and iron. You can cut back on cholesterol in other ways.

Leafy Greens - These are great for you; what we are talking about here is the group that includes collard greens and spinach. Popeye loved his spinach; why shouldn't you?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding erectile dysfunction, please contact Boston medical Group today at 1-888-740-5170. BMG has 21 convenient offices located through the U.S., and several overseas.

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