Thursday, December 8, 2011

Go "Green" With Your Diet And Fight ED

Boston Medical Group is unquestionably the leading organization of physicians dedicated to diagnosing and treating erectile dysfunction in males.

There is no doubt BMG understands that there are preventive measures one can take to combat ED. That includes diet.

If, to some extent, erectile dysfunction has to do with the lack of healthy blood flow to the penis, then it makes sense that foods that are good and healthy for the vascular system are also very worthwhile in fighting ED.

So what are some of those foods?

Well, one of the things you are looking for is a high concentration of nitrates. That is because they help to promote blood flow

Certain green vegetables are very, very good for you in this regard. One of them is celery. Eat celery on a regular basis and it will surely help to open up your blood vessels, which help to ensure an orderly flow of blood to the penis.

Want another idea about food, along those lines? How about spinach? When many of us were growing up, we acted as if we were allergic to spinach, Some of us still are. But there is obviously plenty of evidence that spinach is healthy for the heart and healthy to combat ED!

For any questions or consultation about erectile dysfunction and its relationship to diet, do not hesitate to contact Boston medical Group at any of its 21 office located throughout the United States.

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