Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Exercise Discretion When Talking With Your Partner

The folks from Boston Medical Group know that when you have Erectile Dysfunction and you are in an existing relationship, things can get very awkward and uncomfortable for you.

This is where you have to exercise some discretion, and some wisdom, when it comes to speaking with your partner about the problem you are having.

It is extremely important that you are open and honest with your partner. There is nothing gained by being evasive or deceptive. It is also the best policy to get things out into the open, so that the problem can be addressed as a joint effort between partners in a committed relationship.

It is also counter-productive to assign blame; if you have the condition of Erectile Dysfunction, you may be feeling a certain level of inadequacy, and that is perfectly normal. It is also perfectly normal, as a defense mechanism, to look for someone to blame.

Those possibilities become even greater if you are suffering from Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction, where you may have difficulties achieving erection with your wife or partner, but perhaps not otherwise. In these cases, there may be a strong tendency to point to the partner as the source of the problem, when it may in fact be caused by tension about the relationship that comes only from your end.

The most important thing is to come forward and seek treatment. Contact Boston Medical Group at 1-888-740-5169 and start attacking the problem. There are 21 offices located throughout the United States to serve you.

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